1. Do our employee benefit plans extend to our adopted child?
  2. Do foreign countries treat LGBT parents differently when seeking a foreign adoption?
  3. If we choose to use a surrogate, are we fully aware of the surrogate’s rights to the child?
  4. How do adoption agencies view LGBT couples when deciding a proper home for a child?
  5. Are our estate planning documents sufficient to provide for a newly adopted child?
  6. We are a lesbian couple and one of the partners will be carrying the child, what rights do both the sperm donor and the non-carrying partner have to the child?

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Shirley Sampson · October 16, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Is there any type of contract me and my partner can get ,if we have a donor and he is willing to.sign his rights over,we dont want any confusion or him changing his mind at the end.

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